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How to get logo on transparent background?

You can easily get a logo on transparent background using Logaster:
1. After you created a logo on Logaster, download it in PNG format.img_559
2. Then you need to open the downloaded archive, where you’ll find the logo on transparent background in two color versions.img_231
3. How to check if the logo’s background is really transparent? Open it using a picture viewer program. If the logo’s background consists of light and dark grey cells (like on the picture) it means that the logo is on the transparent background.img_560
P. S.
The same logo in SVG и PDF formats also has the transparent background.
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  1. Kameel

    Thanks for the article. I didn’t know that the logo with a transparent background is in PNG format.

  2. Oliver

    Can I use PNG logo for printing on t-shirt?

    • Larry

      Yes you can use logo in PNG format for print. But it is better to use PDF or SVG format for print.

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